Our Social Activities

Indian Tour and Travel at physical health/ governess grounds/ for poor People/Child/Student

India has been home to saints like Mother Teresa to lord Gautam Budha, helping and serving the needy is in the DNA of Indians. Whether its sri sri sri Ravishankar or Dr Trehan, we are always here and open heartedly, welcome, the courage of being proud to be Indian, as doors to poor and window to health and hospitality are inaugurated all over the country, we thrive to eradicate diseases, after all “health is wealth”.

Even organizations, like, WHO needs local players and volunteers to broaden up their shoulders. Governments along with NGO’s and private companies like us take the opportunity to give back to the society, what it is facing and share the crunch,even if its dealing with malaria, diabetes, heart diseases , HIV Aids, TB and so on .We are contributing to the society, in form of health benefits as free check up for the poor, needy and even BPL citizens.

Social activities has always been our focal point and we strive to help those in need in spite of it, not being the core business. As we are in tour and travel industry, so hospitality and people management is what drives and motivates us. We visit villages, towns, suburbs, tier 2 -3 cities and slums of metros to catch up to distribute free stationeries, ,clothes, medicines ,utensils, day to day house hold needs, sanitation ,quilts, blankets and even come up with local bodies to address some of the local social issues like water and drainage. We have an education campaign, where people are given awareness to their right and provide information against communicable diseases and how to avoid them.

We have a team of specialist doctors and Para medical staffs volunteers in groups who in turn advice patients for the right treatment at right time with free medicines at low cost.

From normal cold and cough to cataract and other illnesses, we refer them to relevant outdoors/hospitals and provide specialized service through our customized channels.

India is a diverse country so we have local volunteers helping us with local language and culture to mingle with the society so that they do not feel us as aliens to give us the right information to diagnose and help the right person at right time with the right needs.

As climate, water and food varies too quickly in India so we aware the locals with the right precaution that they need in order to prevent pandemics.

Ooh, aah…. some caveats…