Fix Price Tour

You would surely love to customize your India tours as per your convenience and budget. Probably, you want to arrange your trip to India according to your wish and under the budget. If you have fix price budget, then you will surely do the bargain or cancel your trip. No matter, you are most welcome in India, as the travel operators can offer you some fix price tour packages under your budget for diverse destinations of India.

If, you are a smart traveler, then you would surely book your India tour packages and will also do hotel’s booking by any travel operators of the country in advance. However, you are supposed to be paid off the fixed tour amount for your tour packages and hotel’s booking to the tour operators in advance to avail their services without any hassle.

However, the fix price tour will always be a profitable deal for you rather than making an unplanned trip to India. Usually, an unintentional trip to India may encounter you some inconveniences of booking hotels and car rental problems on the spot. If you have done online bookings for any India travel packages, but not for any hotel’s, then it is the case of total lose, as you may not be able to decide that which hotel will be reasonable to stay at the touring site. In this condition, you will have to wonder for miles to search out the best hotel suited to your budget or will take help of a car driver to take you at any hotel’s site as per your budget. Overall, the unplanned tour may often ruin the fun of happy India tours. However, it is advisable to go for any fixed price tours in India by having bookings of tour packages and hotel’s bookings earlier.

Our fix price tour packages are bonanza for worldwide visitors that enable them to experience the fun of Indian travel destinations and hotel’s booking services online on fix prices. We provide you travel services on fixed PRICE, DATE and TIME, without getting any delay and hassle in your trip to India. We value your time and money and will offer you best travel services on the fix price.

Advance enquiry about your trip

For doing fix price tour package bookings, you are requested to submit following details regarding your tour through an email to us.

  1. Your exact travel DAY and DATE of arrival to the Airport, Railway station, Bus stand or else details should be emailed us correctly in advance.
  2. Tell us how many are you going for trip?
  3. If you have booked tour packages through us, then it is fine enough, but, if not, do make your itinerary of customized group tours to India and its related tourist destinations wisely.
  4. Do suggest the number of days for which you want to avail our car rental services and which car model would you like to book for trip?
  5. You are requested to send us details about your customized itinerary in advance for group tours in India.
  6. Tourists are request to do advance payment for all types of bookings (tour package, hotel and car rental) done by us.

Note: For any unplanned trip, we will do your pickup via car from the place wherever you want in India, but will also add 250 Rs. more to your trip charges or for your personalized itinerary as well


We are not going to assist you for any preliminary hotel’s booking done by yourself in advance. It will be your call to book your hotel at your own efforts. We will not be responsible for any inconveniences happened on the road, commuting the distances, or not getting any room in hotel on the spot. For your unplanned trip, we are not liable to suggest you any suitable accommodations to stay, it will be your total risk or convenience that how do you manage your hotel’s booking. You may take assistance of car driver to take you at any hotels to stay or may try something else. To avoid all the troubles related to hotel’s bookings, you need to book tour packages including hotel’s services through us. We assure you to do proper arrangement of finest hotel’s booking under your budget in a best possible way.

About Car rental or Driver charges through us

Usually, our charges of Car rental and Driver services are fixed and are not negotiable at all. It does not mean that we do not shuffle our car charges. Yes, we do it periodically on the basis of timely ups and downs take place in the fuel price in the market. We do modify our car rental service charges timely and will also post their updates on our website or massage forums without failure. However, it is advisable not to consider the older mentioned charges for car rental services on our portal.

If you spend more than five hours on the road for traveling via car, then we may charge you as per the distance covered in kilometers and may shuffle our mandate of car rental or driver’s fees accordingly.

Our car rental charges depend upon the kilometers covered in a day and the type of car model used for travelling. As per the travel industry norms, we do charge for minimal 200 Kilometers covered in a day. On the other side, rest of the companies may charge for 250 kilometers per day rate as well. We are not concerned that your booked car is being used or still standing in the parking of hotel. You will have to pay fix price for car booking at least.

Sometimes, you may travel miles away (more than 200 kms) on India tours via car or stay at hotel as well. You have to pay off for every booking related to car rentals and driver charges on the trip. We also require your car route itinerary details that which route you like to follow to travel via car. The charges will be rated as per the kilometers covered.

Your entrance via car in Uttar Pradesh state, India will also include ONE TIME ENTRANCE toll tax worth Rs.500 extra for car models like Ambassador or Indica. It is mandatory to pay off for both side toll taxes (entrance and return) in UP (Uttar Pradesh) in India. We will not going to pay off this taxable amount from our side. It will also be concluded in your car rental charges by us.

Note: Spending every night outside Delhi will charge you 500 Rs. more including the expenses of driver’s food and accommodation. The car driver will not sleep in the car.

Note: Our fix price policy will be applicable for only 5 hours traveling via car across the India. But this policy will be not fixed in the condition of traveling distances covered beyond 200 kilometers in a day.

We offer both types of AC or Non-AC cars and coaches as per the requirement. Our proposed car models are fully furnished with modern amenities and give you comfortable seating arrangement as well. It will protect you against DUST and POLUTION especially while traveling in cities. Car drivers will also be pleased to drive AC cars.

We charge car rental amount in advance before you leave Delhi through hired car models or driver’s services availed by us. You are requested to give proper acknowledgment about your personalized itinerary to car driver in advance. We are not company for you regarding any customize India tours. On the other side, we have to pay before for arrangements like train tickets, Air tickets, hotel’s room bookings etc. for you. However, you are requested to pay off amount in advance for your all bookings through us.

Note: We will not charge in advance for your arrival to Delhi by any means that you manage with your own.

About LONLEY PLANET Book – A renowned travel tutorial

The LONLETY PLANET is a renowned tourist guide book that can be available in different versions related to different countries and their cities wise. This incredible travel tutorial may also help you in grabbing best info about Indian tour and travel destinations and their car rentals charged for per kilometer distance covered via car across the India. You can also take help of Indian Lonely Planet travel book and can manage your customized itinerary trip to India via car with ease.

About Rajasthan car rental charges through us

For your Rajasthan tours to India, you will be charged at the rate of 4.5 Rs per kilometer. More info can be available on the page 178 of Indian Lonely Plant travel book. Please refer the book that will give you older details in its first version, but second version says that Rajasthan travel will start at 4.5 Rs/km to cover 250 km minimum distance via Non-AC car.

We charge Rs6/km for going back after doing market in the mysterious marketplaces of Rajasthan. This charge is applicable for traveling via Non-AC car with 300 km distances covered on per day basis. Hiring car within Rajasthan state will not be charged any extra amount for any border crossing taxes. If you hire car rental services from others, then take care of car rental taxes in Rajasthan that may also include border taxes. But we do not charge border taxes for car rentals within Rajasthan.

Car driver! Not a tourist guide for you

Our car driver will assist you to reach out at the tour destinations only. But he is not permitted to brief you about monument or historical places or act like a tourist guide for you. Car diver will not be your company for traveling barefooted to cherish the historical sculptures at the tourist site. To know about monuments and attractions, we can arrange an authorized tourist guide for you. However, it would be good to hire any skilled tourist guide to explore Indian attractions rather than car drivers.


Our services will not entertain you for any unplanned or unsafe deeds. For instance: continuous driving overnight, driving 14 hours in a day between two cities in India, long drive and many more. Our car driver requires breaks during long journey between cities for lunch, dinner, fuel filling in car etc. These services will not be compromised at all