Do and Don’t

Dos and Don’ts to Remember On Your India Tours

Your India travel will be full of fun, but always risky as the climate changes place to place in every state and city across the country. Even more, your health and body can be affected with the spice of food and taste of water at different destinations of India. However, it is advisable to follow some precautionary steps before planning your trip to India.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts mentioned below to keep track before visiting at the renowned destinations of India.

Mind the legal documentationEvery tourist is requested to keep original passport and valid documentation proofs to show at the Indian travel embassies or travel authorities whenever demanded. All documentation proofs should be verified by travel agencies or recognized tour operators of India. It is so because, you can be asked to show your passport or legal documents by state police or security agents at any point of time. So, you need to be always conscious about your documentation proofs whenever come in India for tourism.

Check out weather conditions firstAs the weather of India is not for sure remains same at every state or city, so you need to have some preliminary investigation about climate conditions of the destination where you want to visit in India. The weather conditions vary differently in North to South zones of India. However, you need to match yourself favorable in terms of clothes and body fitness according to the climate of your travel destination across the India. So, get proper info about climate conditions throughout the year before traveling in India.

Take care of your healthYou are supposed to be mentally and physical fit to travel in India. However, it is always hard to wonder at mountain and desert rich destinations of India. So, your body should be favorable with climate conditions first and then should be free from any diseases as well. You are advised to take your prescribed medicines with you while traveling in India. If wandering in desert areas in summer season, you should keep drinking water every time. But be conscious about your drinking water quality as it should be fresh and free from bacteria or germs. Eat only fresh fruits and food, but avoid too spicy dishes as per your body requirement. Do consult your doctor, if feels unhealthy in India and stop your journey right away.

About taxis and rickshaw transportYou can hire taxi, rickshaw or any other transport for traveling in different streets and spots of India. But it is advisable not to trust much on taxi or rickshaw wallahs for better journey. As all rickshaw or taxi wallahs are not trustworthy. They may charge you higher, so be pretty much conscious about ticket charges for every monument in India. For more convenience, you can also consult to any travel agents to know about ticket charges for traveling at different destinations of India. The travel operators can help you to know about legal amount being charged for traveling distances in miles across the country. For more convenience, we suggest you to buy your own India tour helping book named “Lonely Planet” or other travel guides for better navigation.

Avoid street foodYour health impacts immensely from what food you intake and drinking water quality as well. However, it is always advisable to eat fresh fruits & food and drink mineral water only, if possible. If you are in streets of India, then do not eat much junk food as that could be unhygienic or bad for your health. As Indian streets may include several street food shops or junk food corners where you can delight samosas, idlie, samber, chaumeen, goal guppas, tikki and rest of the sweet dishes as well. All these street foods may affect badly to your health if you eat them in excess. It may cause you some stomach infections or food poisoning problems with ease. However, it would be suitable to avoid eating much junk food in India.

Do less tippingAs tipping has become tradition in India after serving order to the lender. But it is advisable not give much tip to waiters, car drivers and guides for their services. You can range the tipping between 50 to 200 Rs only. Do, not get over fascinated about satisfactory services of workers and always keep spare money in your pocket.

Avoid road side loveAs India is the land of culture, tradition and customs. However, it is found not suitable to be lovable at road side by every foreigner in India. Avoid getting physical with your partner at marketplaces or residential areas of India. All are against of customs and culture of India and is not permitted to do so anywhere in open. So, you should avoid road side love in India and also take care of wearing that should not be much exposable.

Avoid baggers in IndiaWhile travelling in India, you may come across the crowd of baggers anywhere in Indian streets or marketplaces. They will come to you with hope of giving money to them. You should avoid bagging them. You can also help out them as per their need and miserable condition. It’s up to you to help them, but not always, otherwise they will follow you everyday with the same hope.

Don’t carry much expensive with youWhen you board to Indian travel platforms like Railways platform, Bus stands, Air ports etc., you should take care of your bags and expensive items like jewelry, currency and other costly items as well. If you are aware about right person to meet then it’s good, otherwise avoid trusting all at platform areas. Try to control your sentiments and use your brain while dealing with taxi drivers or bus drivers. They may help you or cheat you and steel your goods or expensive items by making you fool with their jolly nature.

Hence, by following above mentioned Dos and Don’ts, you can make your India travel successful.