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On arrival, expensive items, such as video cameras and radios, must be entered
into your passport on a ‘Tourist Baggage Re-Export’ form. This will ensure that
you can take these items with you when you leave the country. You must not
import narcotics, plants, gold and silver bullion and coins not in current use.
If you are transporting firearms, make sure you have a possession License.
Indian embassies and consulates issue such licenses abroad, or by a district
magistrate on arrival in India. It is strictly prohibited to take antiques, art
objects, animal skins (or products made with animal skin), and ivory and rhino
horns out of India.

Visitors are not allowed to bring Indian currency into India or take any of it
out (except when going to Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan or Sri Lanka). There is no
limit on the amount of foreign currency or travelers’ cheques you can bring into
the country, but amounts exceeding USD10,000.00 must be declared upon arrival.
You may bring the following items into India without incurring customs duties:

1 pint of alcohol

 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250g of tobacco
250ml of eau de toilette

Be prepared to pay foreign travel tax on departure. This tax must be paid at a
special desk at the airport before checking in your luggage. Foreign currency is
accepted as payment.

Duty Free Customs Allowance

Government of India offers various benefits to bonafide travelers and tourists,
and their personal items can be imported duty free as part of baggage. The list
of these items includes:

One Camera, Binoculars
One Laptop/notebook computer.
One electronic diary
One portable typewriter.

One portable CTV (Color Television)
One music system including compact disc player.
One perambulator.
One tent and other camping equipment.
One portable receiving set (Transistor Radio).
Sports equipment, such as fishing outfit, tennis racket, one gulf set (14

To avoid misuse of the above allowance, passengers are advised not to bring
these items in its original package. The above information has been taken from
baggage rules as notified by the Government of India- dated 28th October 1999.

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