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The people who work for Indian Tour and Travel have a great deal of experience in All Over India and Nepal. We are an knowledgeable and dedicated team who share the ambition and objectives of the company and have a common aim to help you, the traveller make the most of your time in India and Nepal. We are proud of India and Nepal and want to share it with you. We are familiar with every destination trip that Indian Tour and Travel offers and we provide highly well-organized and professional services to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience. We offer the best possible quality and price of service. We want to be your travel and tour support service.

The Indian Tour and Travel team is highly trained in every aspect of tourism service, from customer service and care to local knowledge and travel. Our guiding team has great experience in religious, historical, trekking, mountain survival, culture and local customs. All our guides speak English and more other foreigner languages and are certified by the government.

Let us introduce you to The Indian Tour and Travel Team Delhi (India) so you know who you are dealing with and know a little more about us.

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Rajanikant Kumar (Raj)
About Us – The Team
Rajanikant –CEO & Founder (ITT)


An hotelier by profession, with an experience of 08 Year’s in Hospitality industry in different management positions. After his successful career in Hotel industry he entered the Travel business in February 2006. In 2007 he founded Indian Tour and Travel and leads the team in India

Mrs. Anna Polakova
About Us – The Team
M.D. of Indian Tour and Travel (ITT)

Mrs. Anna Polakova

M.D. of Indian Tour and Travel (ITT) acts like a pillar of our venture who has given immense finance support to our organization. “Mrs. Anna Polakova” was a generalist by profession and has been achieved big milestones in her carrier. Her vital monetary support has been given huge sign of relief to us in the establishment of our venture and to get highlighted in the industry successfully. She is always helpful for us with her capabilities and we are also admiring her efforts done to groom our company. We do give first acknowledgment to her priceless contribution in excelling our organization at top notch of the industry.

Mrs Meena Thomas
About Us – The Team
Role: Inbound Manager
Local Town: Hydarabad(A.P.)

Meena Thomas
Mrs Meena from Cochin Kerala Currently working – as Mother, teacher, social worker and as a tour operator.

Her hobbies – to be present. Her experience in the field of tourism has been for more than five years. She likes to include tourism in our profession as it brings close to history, nature and people of all type. It has variety, surprise and suspense. And if it is in India, it is true to the last word. Anything and everything you wish for can happen. Each nook and corner is a story in itself, other than The Taj Mahal and Thar there are lots to see, which is small in the eyes of the beholder but ultimately which brings a naustalgic experience of our country. To bring in close contact with its culture, where long lasting relationship was & is the keynote. Always be different, think different and live differently, is my policy. So naturally I’ll have to bring a different experience. So “We have the different experience with us”

Mr. Kumara Swamy
About Us – The Team
Role: Team Leader
Local Town: Bangalore

Mr. Kumara Swamy

Mr. Kumara Swamy (Ex Army) he belong from Bangalore he have Served for Indian Army past 6 Years in ASC (Army Supply Corps) he was providing supply and transport services to Indian Army over all India now he is providing tours and travels informations like Honeymoon Tours and Cab services in south India. He can make your trip satisfying as well as interesting with his delightful and always joyful face.

Mr. Jitendra Kumar
About Us – IT Team
Role: Web Developer
Local Town:Delhi

Mr. Jitendra Kumar joined Indian Tour and Travel at the very establishment of the assignment in late 2007 as our developer and designer. Now he runs the whole development and designing team and oversees our programmers and writers with a paternal and every helpful hand.

Mr. Amrit Dhakal
About Us -Mountain climbing/Trekking Guide












Mr. Amrit Dhakal is an certified trekking guide Govt. Nepal for the Indian Tour and Travel Amrit, who has been with us for the past 2 years, is an outstanding climbing coach as well as an excellent trekking guide. Blessed with an extensive knowledge of the Himalayan peaks and the most admirable experience on the Himalayan section as well as expertise in mountain first-aid, Mr. Amit Dhakal is an talented climbing coach and accredited with many victorious summits of the many Himalayan peaks of Nepal like Mera Peak, Island Peak, to name a few. A well behaved, friendly and helpful individual, he is one of the most excellent trekking/field crew.

Mr. Sunil Thapa
About Us – Trekking Guide












Mr. Thapa is an certified trekking guide Govt. Nepal for the Indian Tour and Travel . He has been working here from the office establishment. He has huge knowledge of the Nepal Himalayas and each trekking path from side to side out the section. He is very much memorable with Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and many others trekking sections include the inaccessible areas. He is excellent in English and has a lot of guiding understanding. Not only is he a government certified trekking guide, he does his work professionally. Mr. Thapa can make your trip satisfying as well as interesting with his delightful and always joyful face.

Mr. Shashi Bhushan Kumar

About Us – IT Team
Role: Seo Team Leader
Local Town: Delhi

Mr. Sudheer Yadav, is appointed as an SEO team member in the company. He is also a brilliant employee of our venture and is performing his duties without failure. He is now upgraded his SEO expertise and is putting immense strength to perform his best in favor of the company. Mr. Sudheer Yadav is achieving milestones in SEO activities and is giving outstanding performance day by day. He is a good team leader and is obeying his team leader’s instruction very carefully. In nut shell, he is acting as an asset for the company that is priceless.

Mr. Piyush Yadav

About Us – IT Team
Role: Content Writer

Local Town: Delhi

Mr. Piyush Yadav, is appointed as a “Content Writer” in the company. He is a dedicated content writer and has been written so much content for company’s own website and clients as well. Mr. Piyush Yadav is heading the content department stand alone and is acting exceptionally well in favor of the company. He is playing very crucial role for our organization and his innovative writing skills are always commendable by all. He has creative bent of mind and has ability to write on any topics given to him. Many times he has got a round of applause for his excellent work by our company’s big guns and rest of the employees as well. He is helping a lot to the SEO people in the company by fulfilling their content requirements on time with quality. In brief, he is an emerging star of Indian Tour and Travel that is unmatched to find anywhere else. .