National Children’s Museum

National Children’s Museum
National Children’s Museum in Bal Bhawan Complex on Kotla Marg is an appealing museum for children where they are informed about India’s tradition, culture and life in an interesting manner taking into consideration a child’s psychology. The Museum possesses rich collection of toys and dolls from different countries, stone and bronze objects, traditional jewellery, utensils, art and craft material, musical instruments, head gears, currency of various countries. It is so informative and well laid that students of any age can visit it and can have a good experience.

The permanent galleries of the museum are Hamara Bharat, which presents the rich Indian culture, arts, religions and achievements in the field of Science and Technology through different means like audiovisual shows, Gaurav Gatha that throws light on India’s past civilizations, achievements, legends, freedom struggle, leaders and diversity of our country through a series of diorama and the interesting Surya or Sun gallery. The Sun gallery has good exhibits explaining the importance of Sun in our life, its origin, and various topics of solar system as well as from religious angle not only of India but also of other countries like Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, and Greece.

National Children's Museum


The museum also has an exhibition place known as Children’s Creative Work where pieces of arts by children are displayed including the works from Jawahar Bal Bhavan and the Bal Bhavan Kendras. This section becomes live especially during the summer months when workshops on arts, theatre, painting, music and dance are held in order to create interests of children in one or the other fields. Expert artisans are invited in the complex to teach the young minds different types of arts and crafts. The display here is changed from time to time to focus new creations of children.

Apart from these, children can look forward to a range of activities organized by Bal Bhawan within the premises. Facilities such as a set of drama kit, stories, puppets, toys, costumes, arrangement for puppet shows and shadow puppets are provided to children where they could themselves choose, experiment, enact and perform. Children from all over country as well as the capital visit this ‘learning with pleasure’ creative center. Designed with ceramic murals all over the campus, the complex also has a hostel, facilities for sports and games and other art like clay modeling. There is also a science park, aquarium, a jet fighter and a proper functional mini train.